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Why is our concept different from the others?

  • At Pre-ICO stage the most important thing is to buy as many DGold coin as you can and at lower prices is possible. When you buy our DGold, you have it and you can work with it what you want.

  • You can keep it and wait for it to increase its value, you can sell it, change it or give it to someone, it is yours and it is up to you to use it. With other similar systems, you “rent” coins and get a certain profit in percentage for it, but, with us, you buy and own a DGolds coin and you owned it permanently.

Earnings from buying DGold Coins

  • After finishing Pre-ICO and launching the main ICO program, you will get a 150% dollars on stake for purchasing DGold coins at the Pre-ICO stage.
    For example, buy DGold coins for 1000 $ upon launch of the ICO you receive 5% daily working days, up to 150% or in this case 1500$

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